Wednesday, October 13, 2010

back to it!

in a whirlwind of events, september brought us the happiness of a wedding and new addition to the family, and refreshment with family, friends and quality times of community prayer and worship in the states.

we were able to spend the first week in houston helping hannah and matt get ready for their wedding and meeting with family and a few friends. we enjoyed sharing with them in their intimate and simple, yet elegant wedding before they headed off to their honeymoon and we all headed up to st. louis. in what seemed like it could have been the set for a new reality tv series, all three of us families (ryan, katie and their two boys; aaron, i and anna; and duane, leslie and their five children) all stayed together in the three bedroom farmhouse that duane and leslie still own in marine, illinois; ironically, with all the craziness that these trips often bring, we saw each other less than we do here in our three separate houses! anna and i also got to head out to arizona to see my family there with aaron joining us on the weekend. it was a great time, with my entire family being together and my brother chris meeting anna for the first time. aaron and i also got to enjoy our first night out alone since anna has been born... i felt like we were first dating again, holding hands without having to adjust anna being held in the other arm :)

we were also able to visit the prayer room at our home church, destiny, and also a new church, goshen fellowship. while we are able to enjoy personal and family worship and prayer times here in guatemala, i always find myself in tears during the first worship service we join in the states, as there is a deep soul refreshing found in extended periods of worshp and prayer before God in my own language and culture. a good worship leader friend of ours who also comes down to lead worship here once a year, compared us to dry sponges as we worshipped with him that first sunday home... he couldn't have been more right in my case. what a refreshment it was to "get soaked" again during that month home :)

in an uneventful trip back, we returned home to guatemala on september 24th, with a few days left to work and visit with our dear friend cali before she left to go back to the states. we started clinic the day after we returned, and they have hit us full speed with 80 prenatal patients our second weekend back and over 100 patients in both canilla and san andres for a couple weekends in a row now. and the men are back into the swing of things as well... aaron finished up the cessna's annual inspection and is focusing on helping a friend of ours get his engine put back onto his plane this week. we have also had a few little babies in and out of our lives since our return... their stories can be found in full on the adonai blog (see the link under blogs i read).

at 8 months, anna now has two bottom teeth with teething fussiness leading us to believe that the top two are not far behind! she has perfected her crawl (although she does it with her own flare, often using one knee and then one foot to kind of propel her forward faster than if she were to use the two knees) and is now also pulling up on everything. she has quite her own personality and is very aware of exactly what she wants, which usually involves standing up and being outside. she also continues to show signs of being a little social butterfly, wanting to be where she can see everything and everyone, flashing her big smiles and loving to laugh.

and after hearing "see you on facebook" at the end of almost every conversation in the states, we are now on facebook - both our own little family of three under katie eleiott ficker, and the ministry under adonai international ministries. most of the daily happenings can be found on there as well as lot's of photos... or at least we are building up the "lot's of" photos part! hope to see you there!


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