Wednesday, August 01, 2007


i have met a boy... a wonderful boy. one who has a heart that seeks hard after his Maker while still being content and confident enough to simply take life one day at time... who enjoys the simple things that life brings his way and lets that be enough... who stands tall and quiet in the midst of change and confusion... who has learned to laugh in the midst of hurt and to love in the midst of fear. a boy who treats me like a queen... a boy whose hand i will hold and whose stride i will seek to match for the rest of my days.

and so aaron ficker has become yet another gift and testimony of God's grace in my life. over the year that we have both lived and worked together down here, a friendship and love has slowly and steadily grown... a love born out of the understanding that neither of us will ever fill those places in each other's hearts that only God can, yet at the same time, one deeper and more secure than i imagined was possible in an earthly relationship... where we can laugh together, cry together, talk through or stand quietly... and at the end of the day, thank God that He knit us individually even before we entered this world, and then pushing and pulling, humbling and healing, He prepared us each for this time when He has brought us together.

and so on July 9th i became engaged to this boy who has become my best friend in this life, and on october 3rd 2007, i will become katie ficker... the second one. (ryan's wife is also named katie.) we are planning a ceremony for just immediate family here in canilla and then will return to the states in may to celebrate this marriage with those we know and love there. i hope you will be able to join us as we celebrate together at that time.