Monday, February 15, 2010

in with a bang

on thursday morning at 6:13 am, we welcomed little catherine anna ficker into the world, weighing 5 lbs 11 ounces and 18 inches in length.

my mom says that each of her labors with us were in line with each of our personalities... if this is the case, i am not quite sure what we are in store for with our little daughter anna :) being told by our doctor and our midwife that anna appeared to still be weeks away from delivering, i felt very secure waving good-bye to leslie that we had nothing to worry about and would still be very much pregnant when she returned from the states after helping katie ann during her delivery with joshua...

on wednesday night, at about 8:00 pm, i had what i thought might be a contraction. by 9:30, after having about a whole 5 of these, aaron asked me to call leslie and let her know. so, out of respect for my husband, but not wanting to make a big deal, i called her (waking her up), but asking her to please not worry... i was sure we had a long ways to go. at 10:30, i called my midwife and one of our best friends heidi (an ob/gyn who happened to be in guatemala for a week doing surgeries) and the three of us were all sure we had a ways to go, and told me to sleep through what i could and call her if i needed something. gearing up for a long night, we went home and planned on calling duane in the morning with an update. however, after progressing slowly and then seemingly stopping at 2:00 am, things started to change at 3 am, and by 4:30, i realized that there was a good chance that our daughter was going to be born in our house. as aaron got the plane ready to go, and duane headed over to our house with a birthing kit from our clinic in hand, i started to breathe and continued to breathe through 5 contractions as we climbed into the plane for a 25 minute flight completely in the dark, arriving just as they opened up the runway (which we didn't know had been closed for construction), climbed into a waiting ambulance, and arrived at the birthing center at 6:00 am. finally feeling free to push, our daughter arrived 5 pushes and 13 minutes later, perfectly healthy and absolutely beautiful. and so ended one of the shortest first time labors i have ever heard of :)

now we continue to take in all we can of our little daughter, still in awe of the miracle in front of us, and excited to continue to get to know her more each day. and once again, we are in awe of the grace and protection of our God that always seems over us... blessing us with the addition of little anna in our lives and always reminding us of His continuous faithfulness through so many of the situations in our lives.

we have so much to be thankful for :)