Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the good life... again

a friend commented to me the other day in an email that due to my blogging (or lack there of) one would be left to assume that life must end after marriage. how untrue, thank God. as life has brought on more changes, i have found myself again blessed, being reminded over and over that as we let go and let the Writer of all compose our story, He indeed writes one far better than we could ever imagine.

and so, i will attempt to give you a little glimpse of the story that we now find ourselves in the midst of. one of the "main frames" in our story is our little "apartment" connected to the hangar(although we like to say that we have a hangar connected to our house) right off of the airstrip. we are about a mile and a half from the "big house," and little by little we are watching this house become our home. it is made up of a bedroom, and a room that we are unsure quite what to do with yet (although it has dreams of becoming a living room/guest room), a bathroom, a kitchen with a gas stove for cooking and our own little blue pila out front for washing dishes. we have a beautiful front porch outlined with flower boxes in which we recently planted a variety of flowers and a couch that has become perfect for sitting on wrapped up in a blanket with a cup of tea and a good book. and it is situated in quite possibly one of the most peaceful places on earth (except on sunday nights when the church services from town can be heard as if they are coming through a radio in your room), surrounded by a mountain view on every side and empty from neighbors.

and there are many things i have learned through the building of this house. there is not an inch of our house that would be standing if not for the efforts of everyone in our family; there was no job too small for anyone, and many times someone's "wants" were sacrificed to see that things got done. and it seems like often things are appreciated more when they require so much... everything that you can see has been built ground up - including plumbing and wiring for electricity, the tiling laid and the windows put in, the rocks in the porch floor and the wood ceilings. i also think that i have married into one of the most capable families i have ever met... if something needs to be done, you learn how to do it and you get it done including building cabinets, fixing broken water lines, driving a stick shift, making curtains, and cooking without burning the food... okay, so some things need more practice than others :)
and i am learning again that God truly does supply all our needs as i look at a house and yard full of things that have been provided by the people we know and love.... many of them things that i didn't even realize we would need or want. and that life truly is good.
here's some pictures of our house and such in the midst of the construction we are still undergoing. the first one is a shot of the front of the house. the second one includes the pila and the well. the pila is a sink-type thing that they use here to wash their dishes and their clothes. next is a picture of the view that can be seen from one of the sides of the house; the pile of dirt is the top edge of the pond that is waiting cement before it is filled with water and fish. and last of all is an up close shot of our porch including the couch and table complete with lanterns for lighting as we wait for electricity.